DIY Splash Pad Kits

Splash pads are popping up everywhere. Local parks and community centers are finding them the perfect way to beat the summer heat. You can have a splash pad in your own backyard, even if you don’t want or can’t afford a professional install. There are several high quality DIY splash pad kits for safe and durable splash pads. You can make your own water park in your back yard.

 Safety Issues

Splash pad kits are designed to create safe water play areas where standing water will not accumulate. The best splash kits use a non-slip surface to keep running kids from injuring themselves as they frolic in the water.

Another important safety issue is water hygiene. The best splash pad kits have water filters and some form of water sanitization system.

Buying a complete splash pad kit verses piecing something together from a website ensures all the components are designed to work together and reduces the risk of problems after the installation.

 Ease of Install


Installing a back yard splash pad from a kit is not much different from installing a back yard sprinkler system. The degree of complexity will vary between kits, but the basic principles are the same. Some kits do not include the surface and require a professional to install the surface.




Splash pad kits allow for greater customization than other solutions. You can select nozzle sizes and placement. Let your inner water park designer run wild as you create the ultimate back yard heat busting attraction.  You can set up a kiddy zone and a big zone. You can make the water shoot up in the air, or simply gently splash around at ankle height. You could even choose a variety of spray heights.




Splash pads do require some maintenance, but keeping a splash pad clean and safe is much cheaper and easier than maintaining a pool. Installing your own splash pad from a kit will make maintenance that much easier as you will be completely familiar with all the parts. Most kits have lifetime warranties on many of the key components, but valves and seals will likely need to be replaced occasionally. However, this is also the case with a professionally installed system.